Since time immemorial honey has been respected as a great moisturiser, soother and rejuvenator the skin.

As recent as the mid-1940s honey was the preferred treatment for skin conditions and wounds.

At around this time breakthrough discoveries came about in the form of penicillin and other new breakthroughs that were then used instead of honey.

While these new antibiotics seemed to provide even better results than mere honey more recently the tables have turned since new resistant strains of bacteria have been currently evolving.

In many cases this new breed of smart bacteria is no longer responding to the the cillians that used to work.

It’s no wonder that hospitals, patients and health experts are concerned.

… But an unlikely solution to the problem has arisen.

As the problem seems to be worsening the honey bee of New Zealand has been hard at work gathering nectar from what is known as leptospermum scoparium or in layman’s term, the manuka tree.

Bee activity gathering nectar from this unique bush has and is producing a super honey that is extremely high in anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

What’s truly amazing is that where the cillians are failing, manuka honey is succeeding… In all areas!

Truly amazing!

As a result honey is back in hospitals again (in the form of manuka honey) and is being used to treat staph infections, MRSA, burns, wounds, dermatitis and various other hard to treat conditions.

While it’s amazing on the skin in the hands of professional what happens when you apply high grade manuka honey to your face in a quality skin care regime?

You end up with manuka honey skin care… Take a look now!